Sliding Sign with Header

£24.00 Inc VAT

  • Assembly allows room name identification with a sliding message
  • Custom made to your requirements
  • Multiple colour options with a Gold, Silver or Black aluminium casing
  • All made to order – fill out the design forms to customise
  • Want your logo across the top?


Sliding Signs with Header / Title Sign. These high quality sliding signs are attached to an engraved backing sign to give you the option of displaying a room title or name whilst also displaying the sliding sign function. The sliding signs are high quality aluminium cased signs, with engraved lettering to enable you to control access to your room or office area. The backing plate is made from engraving laminate with the sliding sign attached at the bottom with your title clearly displayed at the top. All items are made to order with YOUR MESSAGE across the TOP and YOUR MESSAGES on EITHER or BOTH SIDES of the sliding sign. Available in a range of colours but all with either gold, silver or black casings. Simply slide the cover section of the sign to reveal or cover your message. The signs measure 204mm X 100mm and are supplied self adhesive backed to allow you to position them anywhere that suits you. As these signs are ALL custom made to order, please make sure you include your wording and colour required when ordering. If you have any problems or for more information you can contact us on 01773 743399, or by using the contact seller form.

Sliding Sign with Header
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